What We Do

For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue exists primarily as a rehabilitation facility for skunks, foxes, bobcats, and raccoons. When an animal is orphaned or injured, For Fox Sake works quickly to attend to its needs, which may include treatment for injury, pain, hypothermia, infectious disease, starvation, and dehydration.

Animals at For Fox Sake spend 90-120 days in rehabilitation, during which time, they recover, grow, and learn skills necessary for survival in the wild. Rehabilitated animals are not kept as pets or put on display: we want them to hate us, as this maximizes their chances of survival in the wild.

After successful rehabilitation, animals are released either where they were initially found (if it is suitable habitat) or in TWRA-approved areas within the USDA’s rabies surveillance zone. By using only safe release sites, vaccinating animals, and preventing them from becoming tame or dependent, we minimize the risks of our “graduates” becoming pests and help contribute to public health by improving “herd immunity” against rabies and distemper in wildlife.

We are deeply dedicated to preserving human health and safety. Although many animals are unfairly stigmatized, there are some risks associated with the direct handling of wildlife. We care about improving public awareness of zoonotic illnesses such as rabies and raccoon roundworm, and providing the general public with a safe alternative to “DIY” wildlife rehabilitation.

Public education and outreach are important to our goals. We want to help the public understand, appreciate, and coexist with their wild neighbors. Because of this, we maintain an active blog and social media presence to promote a better and more peaceful understanding of native Tennessee wildlife.

There are some jobs that we can’t or don’t do.

As a volunteer, nonprofit organization with limited funding, and as a wildlife rescue, For Fox Sake does not handle issues pertaining to pest control or nuisance wildlife removal. Although we offer dozens of articles related to the humane control of nuisance wildlife, pest control is not part our work.

Because our focus is on under-served specialty wildlife, we do not personally handle the care of any wildlife besides skunks, foxes, bobcats, and raccoons, and in a few extremely limited situations, we can do “field rescues” and euthanasia of bats and coyotes.

For Fox Sake also can not accept animals from outside the state of Tennessee, due to critical regulations  that prevent the spread of serious diseases.

We are also required by law to euthanize certain animals due to the animal’s suffering, state regulations, and potential human rabies exposure. Please understand that we are obligated to follow the law, even when we disagree with it, and request your respect in those situations.

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