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For Fox Sake is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and receives no grants or support from any government agency. never charge the public to admit an animal or to provide educational services. In order to care for our many patients, we depend completely on the generosity of people like you! All donations are federally tax-deductible.

We are currently unable to accept volunteers from the general public. See more about our volunteer policy here.


Donate Online

Online donations are our preferred way to receive help. Donating online is safe, fast, and secure, and financial donations are the only way we can pay for cage building, veterinary care, medication, prescription formula, and other essentials.



Purchase Merchandise

For Fox Sake merchandise is fun, attractive, and sure to spark a conversation. 100% of profits from our tee shirts, mugs, stickers, and other products will support wild animals in rehabilitation at For Fox Sake. Check out Teespring to see all we have to offer!

Donate Supplies

We can accept donations of certain supplies by mail, in person, or through our wishlist.

Amazon Wish List


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