Raccoon-Proofing Your Bird Feeders

Raccoons are very smart and agile, so you may sometimes encounter a crafty coon who has figured out how to raid bird feeders. As much of a pain as this might be, there are several solutions that don’t involve trapping or killing the trash panda. Here are some things to try:

-Hang your feeders on a wire, clothesline, or very thin feeder pole. With few exceptions, a raccoon isn’t going to have the acrobatic skills necessary to access these feeders.

-Bring your feeders inside at night. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal and will typically only be visiting your feeders at night.

-Consider using spicy birdseed mixes. Most songbirds can’t taste hot pepper, but mammals can. A raccoon or squirrel will usually avoid a bird feeder after tasting burning-hot seed a few times.

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