Chipmunks are Harmless: Don’t Hurt Them!

Pest control companies seeking your business may be quick to exaggerate— or even totally fabricate— the damage that chipmunks can cause. Please don’t be in a rush to harm these little guys!

Eastern chipmunk burrows have tiny entrances only about the size of a quarter, so unless your lawn is so neat and tidy that it could pass for AstroTurf, these holes aren’t likely to even be noticeable. Chipmunks do not chew wood or cause damage to trees or homes, although they may occasionally nibble the berries or flowers off ornamental plants.

Although any mammal can carry fleas and ticks (and the diseases they transmit) chipmunks themselves aren’t considered to be at a high risk for any disease affecting cats, dogs, or humans, so there’s no need to eliminate your resident chippies for anyone’s safety.

Please let your chipmunk neighbors stay in their home! But, if you absolutely must evict a chipmunk family, please seek humane ways to repel and exclude them rather than rushing to the exterminator.

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