Bobcats: Powerful Predators

Bobcats in our area are only slightly larger than house cats, but they possess powerful jaws. Despite being only slightly larger than a house cat, a bobcat has a bite stronger than that of a fox, coyote, lynx, dog, cheetah, or snow leopard. Its total bite strength in Newtons actually surpasses that of some of the largest predators on earth!

Rabbits and hares comprise the majority of a bobcat’s diet, but when smaller prey is hard to come by, some bobcats will adapt by killing fawns and occasionally adult deer. One radio-collared male bobcat in Florida was noted to hunt adult bucks over ten times his own size!

There’s no reason for concern, though: we’re not in the menu! Bobcats have never been known to kill humans— even very small ones— and tend to stay far away from us whenever possible.

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