Rough Green Snakes are Excellent Neighbors!

This little gem is a rough green snake, one of our most beautiful native reptiles. Rough green snakes are excellent neighbors. They eat large numbers of cockroaches, termites, ants, crickets, earwigs, and centipedes, and also occasionally snack on newborn rats and mice. Green snakes aren’t venomous and almost never bite humans, even when provoked and handled. We’re thankful for the small but vibrant population of wild rough green snakes who live here at For Fox Sake!

Although they aren’t endangered yet, rough green snakes face several problems. Because they eat mostly insects and may live near homes and businesses, they’re very susceptible to poisoning by common pesticides. Rough green snakes are also often stolen from the wild and sold into the pet trade, where they often die prematurely from improper care. Some people also kill rough green snakes due to general fear and misunderstanding of snakes.

Please help protect our native reptiles! If you’re lucky enough to have rough green snakes (which you may not even see!) please protect them by leaving them in peace and reducing your use of lawn pesticides.

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