Why You Should Never Relocate Wildlife

Imagine being snatched from your home and dropped off in a remote forest. You have no food or water. It’s cold and there are large predators around, but you have no shelter. Your children are home alone. Neither you nor your babies will survive than a day or two.

That’s what happens when people relocate wild animals they determine to be a nuisance.

Wild animals do not simply live “in the woods.” Like us, they have families, shelters, and places where they go for food and water. When taken away from their homes, they’re just as lost, confused, hungry, and scared as we would be.

Relocating wild animals is never a humane solution. If you have wildlife on your property, the most compassionate solution is to simply let them be. If that isn’t an option because they’re causing property damage, you can almost always get them to move out on their own by securing all entrances to your home, removing any attractants like pet food, and using humane hazing techniques like bright lights and loud noises. When animals are given the opportunity to move out independently, they’re able to find other shelters and move their family with them.

Please make compassionate choices and never move a wild animal away from its home!

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