Can I Move Wild Baby Bunnies?

Well-meaning people often move cottontail rabbit babies, assuming that their mother will be able to find them. The most commonly given reasons are that they needed to mow their lawn or needed to get the babies further away from dogs or cats. Unfortunately, this spells death for the young rabbits.

Cottontail rabbit babies produce no scent whatsoever and don’t generally make any kind of noise, so their mothers have no way to find them. Even if they’re moved by just a foot or two, their mothers simply can’t locate them, and they’ll starve to death.

If you have baby bunnies in your yard, the correct thing to do is to simply leave them alone. Avoid mowing the area for a couple of weeks. And don’t worry about your dogs— since the bunnies don’t have a scent, a dog will only find the babies if it happens to see the mother feeding them at dawn and dusk. Moving the babies is a much bigger risk than allowing them to exist in your yard.

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