Lawn Chemicals Kill Salamanders in Winter

You have a whole magical world living right under your feet! Please help protect it. Salamanders and other amphibians are facing a serious crisis as their populations plummet all over the world. You can take very simple steps to make sure your own salamander neighbors are safe.

This time of year, most salamanders are in a natural state of hibernation under soil and leaf litter, especially in flower beds and urban gardens. Amphibians have permeable skin and absorb anything they come into contact with, so they’re extremely susceptible to the effects of pesticides and fertilizers.

If you prepare your lawn for spring with an influx of chemicals, the salamanders in your soil will either die of poisoning fairly quickly, or will wake up and flee above-ground. There, they’ll be susceptible to starvation and hypothermia before spring arrives— a phenomenon known as “winter kill.” Please don’t contribute to this problem!

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