Rat Poison Causes Mange in Bobcats

Rodents aren’t the only ones who suffer from rodent poisoning! Predators like owls, foxes, hawks—and even pet cats and dogs— can become poisoned when they eat animals that are sick or dead from poison.

For bobcats, secondary poisoning can have a strange effect. A bobcat who eats poisoned rats and mice will suffer from constant inflammation throughout the body, sending its entire immune system into chaos.

When a bobcat’s immune system is compromised by rat poison, its body will often become severely infested by a form of mite that causes notoedric mange. Notoedric mange is closely related to the types of mange you’ve likely seen in dogs, and it can get out of control once it takes over a bobcat’s body. A bobcat suffering from a severe case is very likely to die of infections or hypothermia.

Please choose kinder options to control rodents! Snap traps are both humane and effective when used correctly, and don’t risk causing secondary harm to the predators around you.

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