The Booming Bobcat Fur Trade

Wild cats have always been a primary target to fur trappers seeking big money. The demand for the skin of beautiful wild cats nearly drove animals like the leopard, snow leopard, and tiger to extinction.

While the sale and trade of big cat furs has declined rapidly since the 1970s thanks to tight international regulations, bobcats are now trapped more than ever. Manufacturers of luxury coats found that they’re able to get that “big cat” look using the skins of bobcats and lynxes, so the furs of these animals are sold overseas at high prices. Fur trappers can expect to receive $250-500 wholesale for the skin of just one bobcat.

Bobcats aren’t endangered— at least not yet. But I think most of us can agree that North American wildlife shouldn’t be extensively trapped and hunted to satisfy the global demand for exotic coats.

Please be kind to wildlife, and wear your own skin instead!

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