Keep Owlets Safe: Don’t Use Rodent Poison

Owl parents love their babies. Don’t feed poison to these innocent new lives.

Baby owls, called owlets, just might be the cutest and strangest-looking creatures on Earth. They look like Mother Nature collected a year’s worth of dryer lint and then got creative with googly eyes and acrylic, possibly after having a couple of drinks.

As much as we humans love owlets, no one loves them as much as their parents! Owls are doting, protective parents who work together to raise their young. Owlets have an extremely fast metabolism, so a pair of owls raising young will kill about a dozen mice a day to keep themselves and their little ones fed. What an effective pest control team!

Sadly, an owl family’s appetite for small rodents can lead to tragedy. When humans use poisons to kill rats and mice, the rodents usually go outside to die. There, the weakened rodents become slow, easy prey for owl parents who have little ones to feed, and the owls can succumb to secondary poisoning. Owlets are often even more sensitive to poison than adults.

Owls aren’t the only animals who suffer from secondary rodenticide poisoning. Raccoons, foxes, coyotes, cats, dogs, skunks, hawks, opossums, snakes, and many other animals suffer and die after eating poisoned rodents. Please make kind choices and don’t use poison to kill any animal.

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