Found an “Orphan” Turtle?

Baby turtles found alone don’t need help.

Please don’t “rescue” baby turtles of any kind unless they’re noticeably injured!

There is no such thing as an orphan turtle. Unlike mammals, birds, and a couple of reptiles, turtles do not care for their young at all. A mother turtle lays her eggs and never sees them again.

Well-meaning people who “rescue” turtles from the wild aren’t doing them any favors: without UV lighting, spacious habitats, and an extremely carefully balanced diet, turtles brought into captivity don’t survive. A young turtle is more likely to die in captivity than in the natural world where it belongs.

However, if you spot a baby turtle trying to cross a road, please help it cross in the direction it’s going! You can also give wild turtles a hand by keeping your pets indoors or leashed when you know there are young turtles around.

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