Happy World Snake Day

July 16 is World Snake Day

It’s World Snake Day! 🎉 🐍

We love the sneks, danger noodles, and noperopes of the world and have had the honor of rehabilitating two of them (and also hosting several wild noodles on our properties)! This fellow, Raphael, was a kingsnake admitted earlier this year after being tangled in garden netting and getting himself hurt. He recovered and was released back to the wild.

Humans are predisposed to instinctively fear snakes. It’s a survival mechanism that helped our ancestors avoid their venom without being able to identify their species. While that instinctive fear may have benefited us, our collective fear of snakes has unfortunately led to harm all over the world. Snakes are often killed simply for being snakes, and it hurts both them and us.

We need snakes! Without them, our planet would be overrun with rats and mice, and the parasites and diseases they often carry. We’d see rates of diseases like plague and Lyme disease skyrocket and we’d have more damage to our homes. Snakes are naturally shy and elusive, so we often don’t appreciate that we have them living right in our own backyards acting as a free pest control service. If you kill the snake that’s keeping your home pest-free, you’ll likely end up with a bigger problem!

Please have respect for all the creatures who share our planet and our neighborhoods. If you see a snake, please let it be!

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