Food Litter Kills Owls

Ever tossed a French fry, sandwich crust, or apple core out your car window? Please, please never do it again! Your food waste is actually causing many wild animals to die, and owls are among the most likely victims.

That sandwich crust you threw in the road is likely going to stay there until evening, when it will start looking appealing to small, nocturnal scavengers like rats and mice. Owls are excellent hunters who hyperfocus their eyesight and attention on their scurrying prey. When the rodent pauses to eat in the road, that’s when an owl will often go for the kill— swooping right in front of a car.

Car collisions have become a leading cause of death and injury among wild owls, but it doesn’t have to be this way. One of the kindest, simplest ways to protect native wildlife is to hold onto your food trash until you’re able to dispose of it properly in a trash can or compost bin.

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