Tree Service? Watch for Baby Animals

During “baby season,” animals of all species are orphaned or killed due to tree work. 😞 Dead and dying trees, in particular, often have hollows that make them ideal habitats for animals ranging from flying squirrels to bluebirds. When the trees are trimmed or, worse, cut down entirely, it can kill an entire family.

It’s best to wait until fall to have tree work done, if at all possible. However, if a tree (or part of a tree) is posing a safety hazard, we understand that sometimes it’s necessary to address it during spring or summer.

Before work begins, be absolutely certain that your tree trimmer has checked for nests, eggs, and live animals. If an active nest of any kind is discovered, please work with the tree trimmer to safely remove and re-nest the family before work begins. If the worker finds a nest belonging to any species of bird, it’s important to contact a federally permitted rehabilitator for assistance, since re-nesting birds can be especially challenging.

While we’re happy to care for baby animals who are truly orphaned or abandoned, it is always in an animal’s best interest to stay with its natural parents whenever possible. Please try to avoid taking baby animals away from their homes whenever possible.

Tree service is sometimes necessary, even at times that it might be harmful to animals, but it’s important to make sure we all do everything in our power to minimize the impact we have on our wild neighbors.

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