Beaver or Groundhog?

Beavers and groundhogs get mixed up often! It’s led to a few funny interactions. Once, we showed up to save a “beaver with something wrong with its tail,” only to find that the only thing wrong with her was that she was a groundhog— not meant to have a flat tail! Another time, a callerContinue reading “Beaver or Groundhog?”

Woodchucks Don’t Chuck, Chew, or Eat Wood

Centuries before any English speakers ever laid eyes on this animal, the Narragansett people of Rhode Island— an Algonquian tribe— called it a “wuchak.” This indigenous name likely shared roots with a similar Cree word meaning weasel or fisher. English speakers turned “wuchak” into “woodchuck,” leading not just to a popular tongue-twister, but a lotContinue reading “Woodchucks Don’t Chuck, Chew, or Eat Wood”