Newborn Foxes Don’t Look Like Foxes

Please be aware as we head into baby season: newborn foxes don’t look much like the adults you’re more familiar with. Every year, litters of kits get harmed because of mistaken identity. This litter was rehabilitated by The Fox Project in the UK. They were initially brought to an animal shelter by someone who thoughtContinue reading “Newborn Foxes Don’t Look Like Foxes”

Beware of Poaching for the Pet Trade

Spring is on its way, and that unfortunately means that we’re close to the time of year when our native wild animals are at the greatest risk for an under-recognized, under-reported, and under-enforced form of poaching: the illegal capture of wildlife for the pet trade. People tend to think of poaching as something from theContinue reading “Beware of Poaching for the Pet Trade”

Speak Up Against Turtle Poaching!

A typical Eastern box turtle will have only two surviving young in its fifty-year-long life. In many parts of their range, their numbers have fallen by 30-60% in recent decades. If their populations continue declining at this rate, they will become extinct quickly. Box turtles aren’t our only native turtle facing possible extinction. Bog turtlesContinue reading “Speak Up Against Turtle Poaching!”