Why We Only Rescue Tennessee Wildlife

Since Chattanooga sits on the state line, our local rehabbers often get calls about animals from outside the state.

I can advise about wildlife first-aid, help identify unknown critters, and help find solutions for people who want to humanly repel “nuisance” animals, regardless of where the call comes from. But to actually accept an animal for rehabilitation, there are strict regulations.

I can never accept animals found in Georgia or Alabama into my facility. These regulations are very important, particularly for the animals I care for: skunks, foxes, and raccoons. All states have different policies to help manage the spread of disease in wildlife— most seriously, including rabies—and it’s important to follow the laws of the state where the animal was originally found. Violating local and state law could cost a rehabilitator their license, particularly if the animal later developed symptoms of rabies.

If you find an animal in need of help, please call a rehabilitator in the state where it was found. Although I would love to be able to help animals across state lines, I have to follow the law.

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