“Coats for Cubs” Gives Fur Back to Animals

In 2019, For Fox Sake will be participating in the Coats for Cubs program organized by Buffalo Exchange! There’s no way to give fur back to the animal that was born wearing it, but this program is certainly a step in the right direction.

When orphaned animals arrive at rehabilitation facilities, they’re often very scared and stressed, and this stress can sometimes lead to sudden death, poor appetite, hypothermia, or growth problems. Real fur has the look, smell, and texture of the animal’s natural mommy, so it can help an orphaned baby feel safer and more comfortable, leading to better outcomes.

Coats For Cubs accepts donations from people who own fur clothing items, but choose to no longer wear them, and ships these furs to rehabilitators all over the country. It’s one small way of helping wildlife and making sure that furs don’t have to be wasted.

This photo of a sweet grey fox kit was taken at another facility that receives Coats for Cubs, but we look forward to having our own photos to share in the future!

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