How I Got Banned From Facebook for Reporting Animal Abuse, and the Animal Abuser Did Not

(Update: As of 12:00 pm on January 6, the video depicting the torture and death of the puppy is still on Facebook. The abuser is still actively posting on Facebook, including a video where he is playing with a new puppy to prove that he is “not a bad guy.”)

Dear Fellow Animal Lovers,

The For Fox Sake website isn’t intended to log personal issues or complaints outside of the world of Tennessee wildlife. However, since I’ll be absent from managing For Fox Sake’s Facebook page for the next thirty days, I believe I owe an explanation for my absence– particularly if you are trying to reach me for an urgent matter related to Tennessee wildlife, or are requesting updates about an animal in rehabilitation in my care.

On Wednesday, January 2, a man local to For Fox Sake posted an extremely graphic video of a puppy being shot five times. In the video, the puppy is audibly crying and struggling while the sadistic gunman shoots it repeatedly, expressing no remorse whatsoever.

The story was picked up by local news, though please be warned that there may be graphic images and videos contained in that coverage.

Facebook repeatedly determined, despite hundreds of reports of the video for criminal activity and graphic violence, that the video did not violate their community standards. Facebook Community Standards apparently allow graphic depictions of felony animal abuse.

What they don’t allow?


My post, requesting that my friends report the video to Facebook, is somehow against the rules, while a man’s graphic abuse of his dog is found to be acceptable.

And because of this, I can’t be online for the next thirty days to manage my nonprofit. Fortunately, my spouse is a co-administrator for the page, but since she is not a wildlife rehabilitator herself and works a full-time job, she’s limited in what she can do for the page. Therefore, if you have an urgent issue pertaining to wildlife, please contact me by email at or by phone or text at (423) 475-2691.

I will be continuing my duties to provide care and assistance for Tennessee’s native wildlife, but can’t update page followers about the animals’ conditions or needs.

I’ll be back in 30 days to resume maintenance of the For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue Facebook page.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Juniper Russo, CWR

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