Don’t let raccoons see you feed them!

This year, For Fox Sake has received over a dozen calls about raccoons who had gotten too friendly and had become a nuisance. Because For Fox Sake is not authorized to remove or relocate nuisance animals, these calls were referred to wildlife operators, who ultimately killed them. This happens all over the country and leads to the death of thousands of innocent animals every year.

While you may be fine with raccoons getting used to your hand-outs, your neighbors are likely to disagree. Raccoons who approach humans for food are often mistaken for being rabid, or they may cause damage to a neighbor’s home by breaking into trash cans and attics. This is a death sentence for the animal.

In general, feeding wildlife isn’t a good idea. But, if you insist on giving a hand to your local trash pandas, please do so in broad daylight when they’re nowhere to be seen and NEVER feed them directly by hand. For the safety of the animals, don’t let them figure out that you’re the source of their snacks.

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