There is no such thing as a humane leghold trap!

For Fox Sake has treated several wild animals with horrible injuries caused by leghold traps. In every case we have seen, the traps had been set by people who believed a common industry lie— that modern leghold traps are nothing like those of the past, and that they safely and humanely restrain animals without harm.

It’s true that steel-jawed traps with “teeth” are no longer sold. Today’s steel traps certainly look much more humane than their predecessors and are marketed with safe-sounding terms like “cushion” and “soft hold.” But behind the smoke and mirrors, all leghold traps still function by using immense pressure to restrain an animal by its limb, and the animal is very likely to get hurt in the process.

Please choose more humane alternatives. If you absolutely must trap an animal, use a cage trap.

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