Reptiles Feel Pain, Even If They Don’t Show It

Unless someone is a total sicko, they’ll almost always rush to the vet as soon as they can if they find an injured puppy. Our brains are full of specialized cells, called mirror neurons, that create empathy when we see an animal that expresses pain the way we do. So if a puppy is crying, grimacing, panting, and approaching us for help, we’re hard wired to feel distress until we’ve helped them.

It’s a beautiful fact of human nature, but unfortunately, it doesn’t extend to animals that are less like us. A reptile, amphibian, or fish has a central nervous system and can feel pain and stress. Although it can’t show its pain in the same way as a mammal, but that doesn’t mean the pain is not there. We need to make a conscious effort to remember that these creatures can and do feel pain even if we don’t see signs of it.

Please treat all animals with compassion and respect. Don’t hurt them, don’t neglect them, and please help them when they’re in need.

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