What To Do About Tadpoles in Your Swimming Pool

Many frogs and toads breed in spring, which is also when you’re likely to start preparing your pool for summer. If your pool hasn’t been staying covered at all times (or if your pool cover has some rainwater pooled on top) there’s a chance you may end up with some unexpected guests: tadpoles!

Amphibians all over the world are in serious danger, with their populations plummeting every year. Please do your part to help by saving any tadpoles that hatch in your swimming pool or pool cover.

First, get a large bucket to move the tadpoles to. Fill it with distilled water or dechlorinated tap water. Although it’s likely that the chlorine slowly evaporated out of your pool over the winter, your tap water still contains enough chlorine and other harmful compounds that could be very dangerous to tadpoles.

You can collect the tadpoles using a large pool net and/or the small nets typically used for aquarium fish, and then deposit your little friends into the bucket.

Next, it’s time to find them another place to live. Ideally, this should be a clean, natural, pollution-free body of water within a mile of you.

If there’s nothing available to you nearby, please don’t give into the temptation to move them to another area. Amphibians naturally carry diseases that may be very minor to one population but catastrophic to another, and they don’t naturally move very much in a lifetime. Call a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as you possible so they can provide appropriate care until the tadpoles are ready for release.

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