Killing Coyotes Makes More Pups

Coyotes are among the most persecuted wild animals of North America. Have you ever wondered why they’re still very common, despite being heavily hunted?

When an adult coyote is killed, the social structure of its family, and nearby families, will fall apart. Its pups will be forced to disperse sooner, its territory will become wide-open, and its mate will seek another partner to breed with. This will cause what would have been non-reproducing animals to breed sooner, sometimes even out of season. Amazingly, biologists have also noted larger litter sizes in areas where coyotes are hunted.

Additionally, this upset social structure can have other unintended consequences: the younger, less experienced coyotes who find themselves suddenly raising their own families are much more likely to prey on pets and livestock and to wander into suburban areas in confusion and desperation.

We have no choice but to coexist with nature. Destroying animals solves nothing and helps no one, but can make “nuisance” wildlife even more abundant and problematic.

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