Crows Deserve Love, Not Superstition

I have to admit: before I started working with wildlife, I had no idea that there were still people who had superstitious beliefs and fears about crows. It turns out these ideas didn’t get left behind in the Victorian Era where they belong. Even in 2020, a lot of people fear crows and some will even violate federal law by killing them.

It’s long past time to lay these myths to rest. Crows aren’t demonic and don’t have anything to do with Hell or the Devil. Like us, they’re simply families with animals trying to survive day to day. Crows are members of the same family as blue jays and are an important part of our ecosystem.

A crow’s brain is surprisingly similar to a human brain. Their intelligence tests on the same level as great apes and dolphins. They can solve complex puzzles, recognize hundreds to thousands of human words, and can communicate with us.

In the wild, crows form tight-knit relationships with their families. They form monogamous pairs for life and work together to raise their young. Crows are doting, loving creatures who clearly express grief and pain if they lose a friend or relative.

Please make a conscious effort to move past fear and superstition! Crows deserve our love.

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