Let Livestock Guardians Do Their Jobs!

If you’re cold, they’re not necessarily cold.

One of our most important goals as an organization is to promote peaceful coexistence with wild animals. We strive to make sure that owners of livestock seek effective, nonlethal methods of protecting their herds. Instead of killing native predators— a futile, cruel, ineffective approach— many ranchers make the excellent decision to employ livestock guardian dogs.

Livestock guardian dogs are saviors of livestock, wild animals, and even other dogs. The mere presence of a well-trained livestock guardian will almost always keep predators like coyotes, bobcats, and stray dogs from attempting to hunt domestic animals. They enable ranchers to keep their wards safe without harming wild animals. Sadly, though, misunderstandings have led to many owners being afraid of stigma, judgment, or even criminal prosecution, for having dogs as livestock guardians.

It is absolutely cruel and dangerous to keep most pets outdoors in cold temperatures. However, an appropriately trained and bred livestock guardian is built to handle working in extreme weather. Responsible owners also ensure that their livestock guardians have shelter and windbreaks outdoors so they can stay safe and comfortable while working. Blankets demands of, “bring them inside” can ironically lead to unnecessary animal cruelty as ranchers resort to lethal methods to keep predators away.

Please help save wildlife by letting livestock guardians do their jobs. Many animals will be hunted, trapped, or poisoned unnecessarily if their work is made illegal… But, of course, by all means, go ahead and report your neighbor who makes his chihuahua live outside in winter!

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