Check for Bunnies before Mowing

Check for baby bunnies before mowing your lawn.

If you’re here in the South, you’re probably getting ready to break out the lawn mower for the first time this year. Please be sure not to harm any baby bunnies when you mow!

Cottontail rabbits’ reproductive cycles are timed to match the growth of their main foods, like grasses, clover, dandelion, and other soft herbaceous plants. In our region, they are currently giving birth to their first litters of the year and will continue to breed until around August.

Cottontails don’t nest in burrows, like their European cousins, but in easy-to-miss depressions in the grass. A rabbits’ nest can easily be mistaken for a clump of debris or a spot of dead grass.

Please do a quick check for any signs of bunnies before mowing. If you find some, please leave them exactly where they are and give them a few feet of space. (Your neighbors and HOA can deal!) They’ll be weaned and on their way in just a few short weeks!

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