No Milk for Baby Birds

Baby birds don’t drink milk.

As we get closer to baby bird season, please help spread the word that orphan birds should never be given any kind of milk! This is extremely dangerous, because birds are not made to digest milk of any kind.

A surprising number of people find baby birds and want to help by feeding them. Most “orphan” birds are fine and can simply be renested or reunited with their parents, but, even in cases where a baby bird is clearly orphaned, the best option is always to immediately warm the baby and bring it to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Baby birds of all species are highly sensitive to the wrong foods. Grains and fruits cause explosive diarrhea, earthworms can cause fatal parasites in many species, and milk, especially, is impossible for birds to digest and can cause life-threatening illness. Additionally, it’s very easy to accidentally put liquids into a baby bird’s windpipe, causing it to drown.

Please don’t give milk to baby birds! If nature meant for them to drink milk, their parents would have nipples!

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