Never Paint a Live Turtle’s Shell!

Painting a turtle’s shell, whether the turtle is a pet or a wild animal, is an act of cruelty that causes the animal very serious harm. Turtle shells are not “dead”— they are part of the animal’s living organ system. Turtles absorb sunlight through their shells and convert it to vitamin D. When the shellContinue reading “Never Paint a Live Turtle’s Shell!”

Suburban Coyotes Save Lives

In the entire recorded history of the United States, coyotes have killed exactly two people. While these deaths are horrific tragedies, they are extraordinarily unusual… especially when compared to the 150 Americans who die every single year as a result of car accidents involving deer, and the dozens of people who are attacked by bucksContinue reading “Suburban Coyotes Save Lives”

Don’t Befriend Raccoons

It’s not uncommon for people to attempt to befriend wildlife. They start by leaving food on their steps, then offering food by hand, then eventually petting and even holding the animal. It sounds like a magical experience, but this temporarily rewarding moment can be a death sentence for the animal. Raccoons in particular are atContinue reading “Don’t Befriend Raccoons”

Tennessee’s Red Squirrels

American red squirrels aren’t endangered, but here in our home state of Tennessee, they’re not very common. Red squirrels in Tennessee tend to stick to the high-altitude forests in Eastern Tennessee near the North Carolina border. They’re distinguished from their more widespread grey cousins by their smaller size, reddish fur, and less bushy tail. InContinue reading “Tennessee’s Red Squirrels”