Head Pressing in Raccoons

This is something we see often— raccoons curled up with their heads pressed against the ground, their eyes shielded from sunlight. To well-meaning bystanders, it’s easy to project human experiences onto these situations. People assume they’re frightened, cold, or even depressed. Unfortunately, the reality is usually far worse than that. Animals head-press when they haveContinue reading “Head Pressing in Raccoons”

Litter isn’t Nesting Material for Birds

As we get closer to spring, you‘ll likely start seeing memes and blogs suggesting that you help birds build their nests by leaving materials like yarn, string, human hair, and pet hair outside. Please, please don’t do this! Wild birds don’t need help to find nesting materials. They’re everywhere and birds instinctively know where toContinue reading “Litter isn’t Nesting Material for Birds”