Don’t let raccoons see you feed them!

This year, For Fox Sake has received over a dozen calls about raccoons who had gotten too friendly and had become a nuisance. Because For Fox Sake is not authorized to remove or relocate nuisance animals, these calls were referred to wildlife operators, who ultimately killed them. This happens all over the country and leadsContinue reading “Don’t let raccoons see you feed them!”

There is no such thing as a humane leghold trap!

For Fox Sake has treated several wild animals with horrible injuries caused by leghold traps. In every case we have seen, the traps had been set by people who believed a common industry lie— that modern leghold traps are nothing like those of the past, and that they safely and humanely restrain animals without harm.Continue reading “There is no such thing as a humane leghold trap!”

Are Coyotes an Invasive Species?

Coyote hunters often justify their “sport” with claims that, East of the Mississippi, coyotes are an invasive species and therefore detrimental to our ecosystem. If coyotes were truly “invasive,” that would certainly be a problem. Invasive species are animals that unnaturally enter an area due to humans, such as nutria, feral hogs, and outdoor cats.Continue reading “Are Coyotes an Invasive Species?”

5 Ways Beavers Benefit their Environment

As a classic “keystone speciesc,” American beavers are among the most important native species found on our continent. These enormous animals comprise the second-largest rodent species on Earth, sometimes weighing in at 100 pounds or more, and an impact to match their size! Here are five ways beavers are good for an ecosystem. 1. BeaversContinue reading “5 Ways Beavers Benefit their Environment”

Do bats get tangled in hair?

Bats are victims of widespread fears and misconceptions, and these often lead to people harming them or their habitats. One common misconception is that bats frequently swoop into women’s hair and become entangled in it. In some regions, people claim that this will cause people to develop chronic headaches, lice, or rabies, while other regionsContinue reading “Do bats get tangled in hair?”