Poisoning a Raccoon is Cruel and Messy

Rodent poison should never be used, especially on an animal that isn’t a rat or mouse. No matter which poison you choose, the animal is going to suffer from an incredibly painful and brutal death. But if you don’t care about the animals, remember that poisoning a large animal like a raccoon won’t be goodContinue reading “Poisoning a Raccoon is Cruel and Messy”

Vultures are Related to Storks

Our native wild animals are so amazing! Vultures may seem, at first glance, to be the cousins of buzzards, hawks, eagles, owls and falcons. In the very least, you’d expect our vultures to be related to vultures from Africa, Europe, and Asia…. but they’re not! Believe it or not, native vultures in the Americas areContinue reading “Vultures are Related to Storks”

Reptiles Feel Pain, Even If They Don’t Show It

Unless someone is a total sicko, they’ll almost always rush to the vet as soon as they can if they find an injured puppy. Our brains are full of specialized cells, called mirror neurons, that create empathy when we see an animal that expresses pain the way we do. So if a puppy is crying,Continue reading “Reptiles Feel Pain, Even If They Don’t Show It”

The Endangered Dusky Gopher Frog

People get excited about the idea of saving endangered species, but all too often, the most sensitive and critically endangered animals go unnoticed. The small, nondescript dusky gopher frog, for example, just doesn’t get the same attention as large, charismatic animals like tigers and elephants. While they may not be particularly eye-catching, these little frogsContinue reading “The Endangered Dusky Gopher Frog”

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Deer in Winter

Want to help wild deer survive the harsh winter? Don’t feed them! During fall, a deer’s digestive system slowly changes to have a perfect combination of microbes and enzymes to digest its winter diet, which is mostly low-calorie woody vegetation. This amazing adaptation enables deer to survive long, lean winters with very little fresh food.Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Feed Deer in Winter”

The Truth About Euthanasia at For Fox Sake

We keep hearing about nasty rumors being spread about For Fox Sake. Most recently, someone publicly accused us of gassing all of our raccoons to death. (We has the less-than-professional reaction of, “Wait, WTF?” upon hearing this.) So we’re here to clear the air because we value transparency and honesty. And here is the honest,Continue reading “The Truth About Euthanasia at For Fox Sake”

Bobcats Have Eye Spots on their Ears

The black and white marks on the back of a bobcat’s ears are actually false eyes. False eyes are very common in nature and appear on all kinds of animals, from birds to butterflies. Among cats, bobcats share their eye-spot ears with lynxes, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, pumas, and servals— among many others! For bobcats,Continue reading “Bobcats Have Eye Spots on their Ears”

Rough Green Snakes are Excellent Neighbors!

This little gem is a rough green snake, one of our most beautiful native reptiles. Rough green snakes are excellent neighbors. They eat large numbers of cockroaches, termites, ants, crickets, earwigs, and centipedes, and also occasionally snack on newborn rats and mice. Green snakes aren’t venomous and almost never bite humans, even when provoked andContinue reading “Rough Green Snakes are Excellent Neighbors!”