Tennessee’s Recently Extirpated Wildlife

Imagine if Tennessee had recently lost its very last black bear. Imagine if the bald eagle hadn’t been seen here in 30 years. Imagine if someone still alive today had hunted the very last white-tailed deer in the state. People would talk about it, wouldn’t they? There would have been news articles, high-profile breeding programs,Continue reading “Tennessee’s Recently Extirpated Wildlife”

Our Structurally Green Wildlife

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! We thought today could be a fun time to discuss some of our under-appreciated native animals: green anoles, rough and smooth green snakes, and green tree frogs. All of these little guys are critical parts of our ecosystem because they help control pest populations. Unfortunately, they’re all also experiencing population declinesContinue reading “Our Structurally Green Wildlife”

What To Do About Tadpoles in Your Swimming Pool

Many frogs and toads breed in spring, which is also when you’re likely to start preparing your pool for summer. If your pool hasn’t been staying covered at all times (or if your pool cover has some rainwater pooled on top) there’s a chance you may end up with some unexpected guests: tadpoles! Amphibians allContinue reading “What To Do About Tadpoles in Your Swimming Pool”

Tennessee’s Dusky Gopher Frog Extinct Statewide

Conservationists need highlight the struggle of this precious animal, which native to our home state. The dusky gopher frog was once found in wetlands throughout the South, ranging as far north as middle Tennessee. Due to the extreme loss of suitable wetland habitats, dusky gopher frogs haven’t been seen in Tennessee in over twenty years,Continue reading “Tennessee’s Dusky Gopher Frog Extinct Statewide”