Protect Wildlife:End Light Pollution

Here are some simple things you can do to reduce light pollution: -Turn off your outdoor lights when not needed for safety. -Replace your private street lamps and flood lights with motion-activated lighting. -Use low-glare lighting fixtures for outdoor light. One company that offers star-friendly outdoor lighting is Starry Night Lights. -Write to companies inContinue reading “Protect Wildlife:End Light Pollution”

Leave Box Turtles Alone!

An Eastern box turtle should NEVER be relocated, or brought home as a pet. These precious animals are considered to be threatened and endangered, with the pet trade and personal “kidnapping” being among of their biggest risks. When handled, they experience extreme stress but don’t have the strength or speed to get away. Keeping aContinue reading “Leave Box Turtles Alone!”

Does Feeding Birds Prevent Migration?

Some people start bringing their bird feeders inside in the fall, fearing that their backyard visitors won’t migrate if they’re fed by humans. It’s actually beneficial to have bird feeders year-round! Studies have found that birds fed by humans have much higher survival rates and more successful broods. We owe it to birds to giveContinue reading “Does Feeding Birds Prevent Migration?”