Why Vaccinate Wildlife?

“Why vaccinate wildlife?” This is a question we hear a lot, and it’s fair enough. After all, animals don’t get vaccines in the wild. We like to put it this way: imagine a pandemic that is nearly 100% fatal and is as contagious as the common cold. Imagine it is contagious for about a weekContinue reading “Why Vaccinate Wildlife?”

Rehabilitators Don’t Do Wildlife “Removal” or Pest Control

A surprising number of calls that wildlife rehabilitators take have nothing to do with wildlife rehabilitation. They come from people who want a healthy, safe, happy animal removed from their property because they simply don’t want it there. “Removal” of healthy wildlife is the opposite of what rehabbers do. Relocating an animal rarely ends wellContinue reading “Rehabilitators Don’t Do Wildlife “Removal” or Pest Control”

Swan Decoys Deter Geese and Ducks

Ducks and geese native to the United States are protected species— they can’t be killed, removed, or have their nests destroyed, unless you have a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. So what can you do when you’ve got geese and large ducks wreaking havoc and harassing pets and humans? The most importantContinue reading “Swan Decoys Deter Geese and Ducks”

How Do Cactus Bucks Happen?

Deer like this are a rare sight, but have been spotted almost everywhere in the United States, and in almost every species of deer. These cactus bucks, as they’re called stand out because of their bizarre, deformed antlers covered in irregular growths. A cactus buck’s irregular antlers develop due to low testosterone levels, which causeContinue reading “How Do Cactus Bucks Happen?”

Will a Mother Animal Abandon a Handled Baby?

You should never handle a wild animal because it stresses them and can spread disease, but it’s entirely a myth that a mother will abandon her young because of unfamiliar smells. This is not true of any animal species. If you, or a child, already handled a baby animal and it is not hurt orContinue reading “Will a Mother Animal Abandon a Handled Baby?”

Does Feeding Birds Prevent Migration?

Some people start bringing their bird feeders inside in the fall, fearing that their backyard visitors won’t migrate if they’re fed by humans. It’s actually beneficial to have bird feeders year-round! Studies have found that birds fed by humans have much higher survival rates and more successful broods. We owe it to birds to giveContinue reading “Does Feeding Birds Prevent Migration?”

Chili Pepper Pest Control

Most animal lovers are happy to see bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks, and groundhogs, but every now and then, friendly backyard wildlife will make themselves comfortable to the point of destroying a lawn or even damaging the house itself. Extermination can be unnecessarily cruel, and catch-and-release can spread disease or leave babies motherless. So what can youContinue reading “Chili Pepper Pest Control”

Tennessee’s Endangered Indiana Bat

The Indiana bat, which lives here in Tennessee, has lost 50-95% of its population over the the last 70 years. The main cause of this crash was human disturbance of the largest caves where they were nesting. These critters are now federally protected, but still face serious threats because of white nose fungus (a deadlyContinue reading “Tennessee’s Endangered Indiana Bat”