Dreys: Those Leafy Squirrel Nests

Have you spotted these nests in your neighborhood? These are called dreys. Tree squirrels and flying squirrels build them out of leaves, grass, bark, and twigs in the forked branches of trees, when cavity nests aren’t available. A pair of male and female squirrels will often share a drey until the female becomes pregnant, butContinue reading “Dreys: Those Leafy Squirrel Nests”

Can I Remove a Bird’s Nest?

Every year, tens of thousands of birds across the United States are illegally killed. It happens when apartment maintenance crews pressure-wash barn swallow nests from building sides. It happens when home owners “clean up” nests on their porches. It happens when store owners clear out the nests on their signs. Make no mistake: no matterContinue reading “Can I Remove a Bird’s Nest?”