Pet Body Armor Protects Against Wildlife

Hawks, coyotes, bobcats— and in some areas, wolves and bears— can be scary for owners of pets and working animals. But killing wildlife is inhumane, ineffective, and often illegal as a method of protecting pets. So what’s a pet owner to do?

The best way to protect pets is to keep them either indoors or supervised at all times, but of course, this isn’t possible for everyone, particularly for owners of working dogs.

Pet body armor is an excellent way to make sure your pet is protected without having to resort to harming wildlife. These products come in multiple forms, ranging from simple Kevlar vests to intricate combinations of studs, spikes, and even external electric shock. Some companies also add “whiskers” to the backs of their body armor, to give the wearer an intimidating bristled-fur look that makes them look unfamiliar and dangerous to predators.

Please don’t harm wildlife. But protecting your wild neighbors doesn’t mean that Fluffy has to be left vulnerable to attack.

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