Should you move urban foxes to their natural habitat?

No one is shocked when they see rabbits, squirrels, mice, chipmunks, frogs, deer, and birds in the suburbs. Yet, when their natural predators— even the smallest of them— exist in the same environment, it nearly always leads to someone requesting that they be moved somewhere they perceive as more appropriate. Native predators like red foxes,Continue reading “Should you move urban foxes to their natural habitat?”

Firefighters Rescue “Puppies” That Are Actually Foxes

Animal mix-ups are a strange– and sometimes hilarious– part of wildlife rehabilitation. Here in Chattanooga, we’ve had calls about foxes that turned out to be coyotes, squirrels that were actually raccoons, and my personal favorite: a hawk that couldn’t fly, which was actually somebody’s pet chicken. Colorado Springs rehabilitators got to deal with a similarContinue reading “Firefighters Rescue “Puppies” That Are Actually Foxes”

Should We Kill Foxes to Prevent Rabies?

Do you kill random humans, just in case they have ebola? Foxes, skunks, and raccoons are routinely killed because of their reputation as rabies vectors. While rabies is a problem, destroying healthy animals does absolutely nothing to control the spread of disease. It just causes unnecessary death and suffering. You can prevent rabies by havingContinue reading “Should We Kill Foxes to Prevent Rabies?”

Can Barn Foxes Replace Barn Cats?

As strange as it may sound, “barn foxes” might be the solution of the future to rodent control in sustainable agriculture. It’s no secret that outdoor-roaming cats wreak havoc on native wildlife in the United States. In fact, multiple studies have demonstrated that outdoor cats present the single greatest threat to wildlife in North America,Continue reading “Can Barn Foxes Replace Barn Cats?”

Why Do You Rescue Vermin?

It’s an understandable question. To someone who’s had their attic destroyed by raccoons or their chickens tormented by foxes, the goals of For Fox Sake can seem unreasonable– or even downright irresponsible. So why rehabilitate animals that aren’t endangered? For Fox Sake handles skunks, foxes, and raccoons, which, in our state, are categorized as rabiesContinue reading “Why Do You Rescue Vermin?”

Red Fox, Grey Fox, or Coyote?

Quick: if you saw all six of these animals scurry across your yard, would you know what each of them is? If the answer is “no,” that’s nothing to be embarrassed about and doesn’t mean you’re uneducated. Believe it or not, the majority of people can’t tell these critters apart easily, particularly when the animalContinue reading “Red Fox, Grey Fox, or Coyote?”

Why Do Fox Squirrels and Grey Foxes Have the Same Markings?

These two native species, the Eastern grey fox and the Eastern fox squirrel, have nearly identical markings. Both developed these patterns to adapt to the same environmental pressures. The light or white markings on their undersides, called countershading, help both animals camouflage when seen from the side, while he pattern of grey and red helpsContinue reading “Why Do Fox Squirrels and Grey Foxes Have the Same Markings?”