“Can I Keep This Skunk?” NO!

Skunks are smart, cute, and sensitive. It’s no surprise that some people are tempted to keep them as pets. This is a bad idea anywhere, but here in Tennessee, it’s actually illegal as well. Skunks are one of the most common carriers for rabies and may not show symptoms at first, so rescuing a baby skunk can endanger you and your entire family. De-scenting a skunk is unethical and may cost hundreds of dollars, even if you find a Tennessee vet who is willing to illegally do it (which isn’t likely). Skunks require very specialized diets and enrichment, and can develop serious bone and muscle diseases without proper care. Plus, if you get caught with a pet skunk in Tennessee, it will be seized and euthanized. If you want to save a baby skunk you’ve found, call a licensed skunk rehabilitator. Don’t try to raise it yourself.

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